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HI-TECH CARPET & RESTORATION - Rocklin Carpet Cleaning company is a leader in cost effective carpet cleaning for residential & commercial properties.

HI-TECH CARPET & RESTORATION - Rocklin Carpet Cleaning company is a full service company offering carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile cleaning. Contact us for a free estimate! Over 20 years of experience and family owned and operated.

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"THE BROTHERS" as known by many, have always maintained customer satisfaction as their main focus. That is why every year more and more homeowners and businesses choose Hi-Tech Carpet & Restoration as their company of choice for all their carpet, upholstery, and tile care needs. By strictly following the guidelines set forth for carpet maintenance by the carpet manufacturers Hi- Tech has always used truck-mounted "hot water extraction" and a residue free rinsing method that's leaves their customers happy and smiling with soft , fluffy , clean and sanitized carpets.

Proper (pre-spray) pre-conditioning is a must on every job, along with the drag wand cleaning and extraction leaves the carpets dryer and residue free. The drag wand with its clear tubing allows the technician to observe the soiling being removed while cleaning so all the high traffic and soiled areas get as many passes as it takes to leave the carpet clean.


Many allergy sufferers find themselves experiencing severe allergy symptoms when inside their own homes. Poor indoor air quality can be the result of mold, fungus, mildew, dust, dust mites, chemicals or pollens that have been tracked in from the outdoors taking up residence in the home. One of the most likely places for these allergens to live is in carpets, where they can settle and become trapped.

According to the E-Journal of Flooring Sciences, carpets that are cleaned and maintained properly are just as safe for allergy and asthma sufferers as no carpet at all. It is recommended that Vacuuming can be done twice a week for allergy sufferers. Proper Carpet cleaning REMOVES the allergens that irritate people with allergies and asthma. Steam cleaning is the best ways to clean carpets for allergy sufferers because they use super-hot water to kill mold and fungi and to remove other allergens effectively. The equipment Hi-Tech uses have water temperatures exceeding 225' degrees F, thus removing and killing allergens and leaving your home healthier.


Tile floors are intended to last for many years, but over time the tile and grout can get stained. Since grout and some tiles are porous, dirt and stains become trapped, making the floor look dirty. This is usually most noticeable in kitchens where food, drink and other substances are commonly spilled. Traffic areas and anywhere household pets occupy also tend to leave grout lines looking dark and dirty. A very common error made by homeowners is using sticky soaps and cleaning agents that the porous grout absorbs and leaves the floor sticky and full of residue, thus attracting more dirt. Hi- Tech removes not only the build -up of dirt and what everyday life tracks in but leaves your tile and grout looking new again and residue free. With the proper hi-powered equipment Hi-Tech has brought hundreds of tile and grout floors Back to there original color.


Hi-Tech offers upholstery cleaning for all your furniture care needs. Whether its cotton, microfiber, or cloth we clean and remove the soiling and allergens that occupy your furniture.

Rocklin carpet cleaning carpet cleaning Rocklin carpet cleaners Rocklin carpet cleaning Rocklin CA (916) 624-1225

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Rocklin carpet cleaning carpet cleaning Rocklin carpet cleaners Rocklin carpet cleaning Rocklin CA (916) 624-1225


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Hi Tech Carpet and Restoration has been our vendor of choice for over 10 years. Quality, dependability and best value is how we define them!




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Rocklin Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning Rocklin | Carpet Cleaners Rocklin| Carpet Cleaning Rocklin CA

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Testimonials Rocklin carpet cleaning carpet cleaning Rocklin carpet cleaners Rocklin carpet cleaning Rocklin CA (916) 624-1225

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