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El Dorado Hills Carpet Cleaning

El Dorado Hills Carpet Cleaning: Here’s some very disturbing news that you may not have known about your carpeting: even though it may appear to be clean, it probably is nothing of the sort. The simple fact is that many folks here in El Dorado Hills, CA hire carpet cleaners only when they see actual signs that their carpeting is stained; however, testing done by several different national laboratories shows that this could be a huge mistake. The truth is, toxic dust and mold can get inside the fibers of your carpeting and you may never even realize it.

Vacuuming Isn’t Good Enough

Sure you vacuum your carpeting on a regular basis (or you should) – most folks do so because it just makes good sense. The real problem is that carpeting picks up all manner of dust and mold which can penetrate deep into the base of the carpet and which your consumer grade vacuum simply doesn’t pick up. You may not realize it, but without a deep, penetrating carpet cleaning, your apartment could be completely filled with all manner of dangerous toxic mold and dust which could easily make your family sick.

But I Use a Rug Doctor!

We know that some of our neighbors here in town simply don’t bother using any kind of professional carpet cleaning. Instead, you probably rent one of those wet/dry vacs from one of the local grocery stores here in El Dorado Hills, CA and you try to use that to try to get rid of the junk that is built up in your carpeting. We won’t say that it’s completely useless to do that – the Rug Doctor can help a little, but the truth is that the Rug Doctor is a consumer vacuum which just is not designed to give your carpeting the kind of deep, penetrating  clean that you need in order to make it truly safe for your family.

Why Use a Professional Cleaner?

Our carpet cleaning service uses industrial equipment which is designed specifically to dig deep into the carpet fibers, killing off all the toxic mold and vacuuming away the bit of dust which are stuck deep inside. Our service is solely designed to make sure that your carpeting does not just look clean on the outside but is also clean deep inside as well. We provide specialized detergents which can wipe away all the toxins and dust ordinary vacuuming and even fancier dry vacs will leave behind.

Don’t Forget about Upholstery Too

By the by, it’s important to appreciate that we don’t just provide our El Dorado Hills, CA clientele with real, penetrating carpet cleaning. We are also able to clean your upholstery and make it look like practically new. We’ll use the same kinds of deep cleaning equipment we use on your carpeting to make your love seats, recliners and couches clean and free of the toxins that ordinary vacuuming often leaves behind. Pet hair and all the dried out garbage your children left stuck inside the cushions will also be removed.

We Stand By Our Work

Look, we’re not a big national company with hundreds of locations all over the United States. We’re local and we have been offering all of our El Dorado Hills, CA clients our penetrating carpet cleaning service for a long time. Our only desire is to turn you into a steady customer and that means that we will always stand by our service. We’ll work with you to make sure that what you walk away with is a truly clean and toxin free home that does not just look clean but which is also healthy for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call us right now and find out why we are the most trusted El Dorado Hills, CA carpet cleaners in town.

El Dorado Hills Carpet Cleaning



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