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Rocklin Carpet Cleaning: Here’s something you probably didn’t know about your carpeting: even if you think it’s clean, it probably isn’t. The fact is that most people here in Rocklin, CA hire a carpet cleaning crew only when they see visible stains on their carpeting; but testing done by national laboratories shows that this could be a mistake. The fact is that toxic dust and mold can build up inside of the fibers of your carpeting without your even realizing it.

Vacuuming Isn’t Good Enough

Sure you vacuum your carpeting on a regular basis – most homeowners do so because it makes good sense. The problem is that carpeting can pick up dust and mold which penetrates deep into the fibers and which ordinary vacuuming just can’t pick up. You may not see it, but without a deep carpet cleaning, your carpeting is harboring all kinds of dangerous toxins which could affect the health of your family.

But I Use a Rug Doctor!

These days, many people don’t bother with professional carpet cleaning. Instead, they rent one of those wet/dry vacuums from a local supermarket in Rocklin, CA and use it to clean the carpeting with a specialized formula. We won’t lie and tell you that’s worthless – the Rug Doctor can help somewhat, but the fact remains that the Rug Doctor is a consumer product which is not designed to give your carpeting the kind of deep, penetrating clean that you need in order to make it really safe for your family.

Why Use a Professional Cleaner?

Professional carpet cleaners use specialized, industrial equipment which penetrates deep into the carpet fibers, destroying the dust and mold which can build up, even when you use a wet/dry vac such as a Rug Doctor. Our service is designed to make sure that your carpeting looks clean and is actually clean deep down as well. We use specialized detergents which can clear out all the gunk ordinary vacuuming and even wet dry vacs can leave behind.

Don’t Forget about Upholstery Too

By the way, it’s important to remember that we don’t just offer our Rocklin, CA customers deep, penetrating carpet cleaning. We can also clean up your upholstery and make it sparkle. We’ll use the same deep cleaning techniques that we use on carpeting to make sure that your couches, love seats and other furniture are clean and free of the toxic junk that ordinary vacuuming can leave behind. Pet hairs and left over bits of food that your kids left stuck between the cushions will also be vacuumed away.

We Stand By Our Work

Look, we’re not a national company with thousands of locations all over the country. We’re local and we’ve been offering our Rocklin, CA customers our deep penetrating carpet cleaning for a while now. Our goal is to make you into a repeat customer and that means that we stand by our work. We’ll work with you to ensure that what you walk away with is a nice, clean and safe home which not only looks good but is also healthy for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and find out why we are one of the best Rocklin, CA carpet cleaners around.

Rocklin Carpet Cleaning



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